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Naqeebz Consulting is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency serving clients from Aviation, Corporate, Education, Fashion, Hospitality, Media, Retail, Technology and Training Industries in America, Europe, Middle East & Asia.

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Digital Marketing

Online advertising, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Email marketing and content marketing etc
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Website Development

We develop responsive & modern websites yet keeping sales funnel in mind
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E-commerce Portals

We can make your online product sales targets achieved through purpose-built E-commerce portal
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Media Coverage & PR

Create Brand awareness through Media coverage and PR Activities
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Recruitment / Headhunting

Helping you Recruit Right Talent
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Video / TVC Production

We can make thematic & tactical Video Ads and documentaries
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Our highly experienced Art & Creative team would design creative campaigns for your offline/online advertising
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Social Media Marketing

Certified & experienced social media marketing team ensures good ROI of your social media campaigns
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Agha Zafar Abbas
"The corporate sector has long been raising its voice regarding the quality of our existing education system and the flight worthiness of our fresh graduates. This report takes an overall view, identifies the importance of all subsystems, and challenges the conventional wisdom that prevails in Pakistan’s educational infrastructure. The report’s listing of multilateral benchmarking of skills set could become a guideline for the corporate as well as the public sector for accessing the right people with validated competencies. It is evident that this would require considerable systems analysis, reengineering, and trade off studies to arrive at a level where Pakistan would be able to start building the right talent pipeline for its future"
Rizwan Khan
"The graduate recruitment market is becoming increasingly competitive. New graduates must develop the capability to transform bookish-knowledge into critical thinking, innovation, and problem solving skills, so they are better prepared for the professional world. During the studies they should try and interact more with the corporate world to understand business dynamics & modern-day working culture. This interaction will groom them for a better future in life after education."
Yusuf Hussain
"We need graduates who thirst for excellence and set a much higher bar for themselves: who can think critically, see patterns in complexity, feel pain, and take pride in their work."
Irfan Wahab Khan
Pakistan is the land of true talent and great opportunities. But sometimes, this talent and these opportunities remain untapped due to a disconnect between education and corporate sectors. We appreciate Naqeebz Consulting’s services for this comprehensive Employers’ Perception Survey 2018 as it highlights the need to reduce the academia-industry disconnect and standardize education across the board.
Junaid Ismail Akada
"The Employers Perception Survey Report 2018 serves as a moment of awakening for academic institutions who are sending a large number of graduates into the job market every year. As there is a vast gap between the skills set of the graduates versus required by the employers, the providence of market-based skills should be incorporated as the basic building block of all curriculum design. On their part, students must also endeavor to adapt themselves to the market demands much before completing their course work. They should be aware that employers search for positivity and a can-do attitude in new talent"
Almas Hyder
"The results of the Employers' Perception Survey Report 2018 allude to the fact that there exists a significant academia-industry gap which needs to be bridged. Universities often neglect skills like verbal communication, positive attitude, teamwork, critical thinking, time management, and self-confidence etc which are the most sought after by employers these days. Furthermore, the quality of career guidance needs to be enhanced to make sure that students study the subjects which match their personalities. This survey would be helpful for the stakeholders in formulating effective policies and making amendments not only in curricula but also in teaching methodologies"
Salim Ghauri
"In IT we are getting better graduates compared to 10 years ago. IT schools are maturing, however, some are very commercial and quality is compromised. The main issue in graduates is a lack of leadership skills. The cost of inhouse training is very high, which makes it all the more frustrating"
Aftab Butt
"Very impressive report which highlights the critical areas for improvement. Our education and training system requires realignment in terms of curriculum, foresight, and an attitude of excellence which the future demands"

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