Public relation is often referred to as a means of communication between two separate parties, which are the companies and the general public. This communication process makes use of strategies and the primary purpose of this strategy is to mutually benefit both parties involved. Both individuals and companies need this PR & Media Coverage in their respective businesses. In whatever industry you find yourself, one thing is always constant. You deal with humans.

If you find it quite difficult to blend in and make your public relations topnotch, what you need is right within your reach. At NAQEEBZ, our services cover this as well. With the help of our PR specialists, you will be able to achieve the best when it comes to public relations and media coverage.

PR & Media coverage should always be part of your Digital Marketing campaigns and it is also of a great support to promote your website

At NAQEEBZ, our services cover all areas related to PR & Media Coverage. These includes:

  • Media planning, media relations and media tracking.

  • Distribution and development of press release.

  • Coordination, organization, and planning of a press release.

  • Management of crisis and reputation of an organization.

  • Provide speech writings, and also produce and distribute newsletters.


All these are within your reach, contact us and let’s work something out together.

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