A new era is here, if your business is unable to keep up, it might be left behind. We doubt if you want that to happen! The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly all around the globe including Pakistan. Businesses are taking their market to the people online, leaving behind the old conventional physical store. Moreover, smartphone devices which are the main medium of online purchase are predicted to increase half of the country’s total population by 2025. It is the right time for your business to start selling online if you have not started already.

E-commerce is not just about getting a website developed, upload your products photos and start selling. Businesses should aim to think of their e-stores as they were like physical stores and treat customers accordingly which involves exterior, interior, customer services, and everything.

At Naqeebz Consulting, we don’t take these with levity. We would develop your e-commerce portal to be a selling platform and also a beauty to behold. We also focus on :

  1. Functionality

  2. Layout Design and User Experience

  3. Responsive and Mobile Friendly website development

  4. Payment Integrations

  5. Logistic Partner/s Integration

  6. Optimized for Speed from landing pages to checkout

  7. Optimized for Sales Conversion

  8. Search Engine Friendly

  9. Enhanced Security

We are just a fingertip away from you, get in touch with us for something take will propel your E-commerce business to the next level.

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