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GEEPS 2018 Report

Duck Strategy for Pakistani Startups

The feet of ducks help them to paddle the water and swim. During swimming, ducks push back their feet to kick the water behind themselves. Ducks appear calm while swimming but underneath their feet are fast moving and struggling against currents and pressure of water, which makes them buoyant. Ducks paddle hard in the water, while it appears as if they are gliding effortlessly through the surface.
There are many takeaways from the ducks’ mechanism of swimming for startup owners. They usually concentrate loudly on to enforcing their presence in the business bubble, rather than working on their product building.

Glide along the surface…don’t flap the wings
Startups in Pakistan focus more on PR activities, in which they brush aside the product development and business acumen. They get much frustrated in the insane PR activities. As the hollow PR doesn’t give them standing in the line of startups and they don’t achieve self-efficacy, there is a likelihood of losing business acumen. The startup owners make a huge deal out of it as they ‘look busy, do nothing’. Here, startups are acting in contrast to Duck strategy, as they are flapping and paddling on the surface while underneath, they are not making those efforts which will glide them against pressures and hurdles.

Paddle hard…but inside the water
Here is the key to success for startup owners, they should embrace Duck Strategy if they want to achieve something worthwhile. Following are some tips or tricks to adopt the duck strategy:

  • The great leaders of the world exhibit a demeanor like a duck; they keep calm and warm countenance with a pleasant smile.
  • Put your efforts tirelessly to set a direction for your vision or idea and you should be only one who would be aware of that hard work. Startups should focus on their product development.
  • Display the attitude of calmness and peace to people around you.
  • PR is necessary but after the launch of the product, so don’t make noise before offering something substantial.

Stay Calm and Keep Moving!

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