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GEEPS 2018 Report

Correlation between Economy, Education, and Employment.

Mr. Mahmood Sadiq, Chairman Din News and Chairman Board of Governors University of South Asia, Lahore shared his views on “Co-relation between Economy, Education & Employment” at the launching ceremony of “Graduate Employability: Employers’ Perception Survey 2018-19” report by Naqeebz Consulting

Mr. Mahmood Sadiq voiced up about the declining and gloomy situation of Pakistan’s economy and education which create obstacles for employment. He presented the comparative analysis of Pakistan’s economic fiasco over the years. Mr. Sadiq ardently believes that the government should develop business friendly policies to win the trust of local businessmen and then foreign investors will flock here, and not vice versa. He believes that foreign investors would be willing to invest, when the local economic condition would be sound. Therefore, it is need of an hour that government should win trust of local investors. USA is ranked 08th, whereas, Pakistan is ranked on 136th in ease of doing business.  This is important, because only growing businesses can create new jobs, we have to make process of doing business in Pakistan easier for both existing businesses and new businesses.  We can see a dire gap here, which could be minimized by provisioning more open business opportunities to local investors and entrepreneurs.

Well-crafted amnesty schemes

Furthermore, he vehemently spoke about the judicial and accountability process of the country. Mr. Sadiq believes that the local investor is now more reluctant to invest, due to recurring pressure by accountability bureau and judicial system. Businessmen do not invest more, because there is a sword of accountability and money trail swinging over their heads, for which he said he supports well-crafted amnesty schemes.  The government should take appropriate measures to gain the confidence of investors.


Radical measures should be taken

Mr. Sadiq accentuated the meritocracy of HEC which needs radical measures to improve the process.

While shedding the light over the role of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Mr. Sadiq accentuated the meritocracy of HEC which needs radical measures to improve the process. He expressed the opinion that the centralization of policy making and development to HEC is itself a barrier to the elevation of Higher Education. In lieu to keep the centralized power or authority, HEC should decentralize the decision making for curriculum and syllabi to universities. Each university should have an autonomous system for curriculum which would persistently improve the education and pedagogical process of education. He compared the Pakistan’s education system with USA’s education system; autonomy to educational institutions is the key to flourish the education system. He also narrated that our current system of HEC is focused on the training of executives while it should shift it to young entrepreneurs and business creators to create more employment opportunities in Pakistan.
Young entrepreneurs and business creators should be trained and developed to create more employment opportunities in Pakistan.

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