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GEEPS 2018 Report

26 Ingredients to Create a Powerful CV

Education, technical knowledge, and soft skills are what Employers look for in a CV according to Naqeebz Consulting’s Survey!

Naqeebz Consulting, a business-consulting firm recently published a research-based report, Graduate Employability: Employers’ Perception Survey Report 2018 to assess the skills gap in the Pakistani graduate.

This study revealed that fresh graduates are unable to produce a professional resume. 77% of the employers were not satisfied with the overall quality, presentation, and presented information. 97% of the employers prefer a simple format with clear and concise information in a logical sequence emulating the learned and applied skills or knowledge to any fancy formats. Employers are weary of the ‘Career Objectives’ on CVs: they feel that mostly the statements provided sound cliché and ‘not unique’ to the candidate. As per the employers’ feedback, every 2 out of 4 candidates are found to have vague or confusing details about their education, IT skills, and job or internship/s or experience on their CV. Candidates should highlight their education, technical knowledge gained through experience (internships), and soft skills in their CVs.


Order of Information That Employers Wish to See on CVs Of Fresh Graduates

  1. Bachelor’s/Master’s Level Education
  2. Skills Learned or Applied during Internship
  3. Details About Final Year Project
  4. Correct Grammar and Spellings
  5. Details about Internship/s
  6. IT Skills
  7. Interpersonal Skills
  8. Skills Learned or Skills Applied during Final Year Project
  9. Title of CV (Profession Mentioned on Top e:g Electrical Engineer/Entry)
  10. Contact Details
  11. Skills Learned or Skills Applied by Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities
  12. Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
  13. Hobbies & Interests
  14. Academic Awards and Certificates
  15. Volunteer Work
  16. List of Subjects Studied during Studies
  17. Photograph of Candidates
  18. Awards/Certificates of Participation In Different Co-Curricular Activities
  19. Languages Spoken
  20. Inter/O/A Levels/Matric Qualifications
  21. Industrial Visits
  22. Personal Information (Religion, Father’s Name, Marital Status, Gender)
  23. Details about Semester Projects
  24. Links of Social Profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype etc.)
  25. Academic References
  26. Fancy Format of a CV

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