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GEEPS 2018 Report

Top Ten Soft-Skills required by Employers in Pakistan

Positive-Attitude And Other Top Soft-Skills Required By Employers According To Naqeebz Consulting’s Survey!

Naqeebz Consulting, a business-consulting firm recently published a research-based report, Graduate Employability: Employers’ Perception Survey Report 2018 to assess the skills gap in the Pakistani graduate. The objective is to create an enhanced dialogue between academicians, university authorities, and employers through collaborative multi-stakeholder engagement.

Soft skills are the most prized features during interviews and on-job after being hired. Academia should focus on developing soft skills alongside offering textbook knowledge. The top ten soft skills required by employers in candidates have been spoken at length in the report.

Amongst the most demanded soft skills, the ones that top the list are as follows:

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Verbal Communication
  4. Team Work
  5. Passion/Enthusiasm

The next set of skills for graduates and academia to focus collectively on are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Analytical Skills
  3. Time Management
  4. Critical Thinking Skills
  5. Planning and Organizing

Cohesively, the factors that effectively influence recruitment are quite different from what the candidate thinks they are. Technical skills, professional knowledge, and soft skills carry the highest weightage along with relevant qualification to successfully acquire a job in the industry!

In universities, students are led to believe that only good grades will secure them good jobs, however, employers have a different perspective. 83% of employers prefer technical skills/professional knowledge to high grades when recruiting fresh graduates. About 76% of the employers encourage relevant qualification when hiring. 70% of the next highly demanded skill includes soft-skills that have been discussed above. Personal Presentation plays a huge 68%. Surprisingly, only 57% of the recruiters gave weightage to the performance in organization tests and/or assessments.

Complete report can be downloaded from https://www.naqeebz.com/geeps

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